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A brief synopsis:

The company in Cleveland failed rather spectacularly. So now I’m back in Phoenix for who knows how long.

On Thursday I had a ticket for Cleveland. I got five hours of sleep. On Friday I arrived in Cleveland at midnight. I went to sleep at 6 and got up at 10. I drove away from Cleveland at around 2pm. Spent the night just outside of St. Louis. Got six hours of sleep. I have spent the last 20 hours driving non-stop.

I am utterly exhausted on every level. Literally everything about myself hurts.

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Three years ago almost to the day I started an adventure. It took me across the country and in between. I’ve met some really amazing people and had some of the most fantastic times. I left with nothing and am returning with almost nothing. But along the way I’ve had everything a person needs. Wonderful times with great friends, I’ve seen beautiful sunrises over the ocean. Sunsets that ignite the sky in shades of brilliant fire. I’ve learned new things from everyone I met and laughed as people make the same mistakes over and over.

I’ve done things I never thought I would. I changed things about myself to better be the kind of person I want to be. I’ve made it through things that I wasn’t sure I could.

To my friends who have been with me from the start and to those who I met along the way, thank you. It’s not over, just changing direction and taking the new me back home for a while. You’ll all come with me, right?

Three years feels almost like a dream but one of the best.

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